BTV is one of the most influential and competitive mainstream media in China。
With diversified news, sports, science and education, life and other channels to cover more than 800 million people in the viewing area。
In 2014, BTV officially launched the new media work base, which is an internationally leading high-tech work base and is widely regarded as exemplary for the construction of new media in China's radio and television media industry。Its 360 degrees all media studio hall pu Beauty innovation display wall as the center, display area of 12.8米宽2.3 meters high, it is one of the most advanced display walls in the broadcast studio in the world。
What is worth appreciating for BTV is that the display wall provides a wide perspective of pure 178 degrees under the environment of 4 degrees arc splicing, and the energy-saving display box without heat emission。A variety of breakthrough benefits make it an incomparable display program between radio and television studios。
Less than 2 years after Pu Mei entered the Chinese market, this represents another benchmark project for us, especially in the broadcast industry, which is particularly demanding for display technology。We have been in a number of industries with cases, also represents pu mei display technology in the user's recognition and praise。